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Diving in Antigua and Barbuda

The twin islands of Antigua and Barbuda are a dreamscape for scuba divers. Spend a lengthy diving holiday in style during your stay at this beachy paradise.

Diving in Antigua and Barbuda

Quick facts

You can expect lovely warm, clear water are your trip to Antigua and Barbuda. While you can dive here throughout the year, nasty tropical storms from July to October stir up the water, leading to lowered visibility.

Cades Reef is a particular favorite among divers. The reef stretches for several miles, and is a protected area. You can see plenty of creatures here, as the reef descends many meters, giving you diverse regions to explore.

For those who enjoy wreck diving, don’t miss out on the Andes, a merchant ship from the turn of the century. This three-masted beauty is in shallow water, so the light permeates well, leading to some excellent photo opportunities.

When to go

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What to see

Rainbows of tropical fish await divers in the waters around Antigua and Barbuda. You can see barracuda sidling under docks, and plenty of rays in the shallows. Moray eels leer from rocky crevices, and batfish hide in the waving sea grass.

Sea turtles nest on Barbuda each year, so lucky visitors may see the nesting mothers or hatching youngsters, depending on the season.


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The gorgeous tropical isles of Antigua and Barbuda are almost completely encompassed by coral reefs, assets which have been utilized by the local population for centuries. The two main islands are surrounded by a smattering of smaller islands, most of which are uninhabited.

Known as the “Land of 365 Beaches” there is no question that the islands are a beach-goers dream. Tourism dominates the economy, and Antigua is particularly well known for its expansive resorts.

Aside from the beach, cricket is a hugely popular sport on the islands. Several famous cricket players have come from Antigua, giving the islands extra publicity.

Other attractions

Stingray City is an unmissable sight to behold. Step into the water with thousands of rays, so friendly that you can touch them, and even give them a nice big kiss on the gills. Out of the water, head to the Donkey Sanctuary on Antigua, an unexpected yet heartwarming place to spend the day. Come during Carnival in August, when islanders celebrate the abolition of slavery.

Getting there

Fly to Antigua, then take a ferry to Barbuda. Getting around the island can be done by taxi, or by renting your own car.


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