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Diving in Asia

The epicentre of the Coral Triangle, Asia boasts incredible marine biodiversity and some of the world’s most recognised dive sites. Enjoy wrecks and reefs in the endless blue.

Diving in Asia

Quick facts

Scuba diving in Asia can take you to areas that host a greater variety of marine life than anywhere else on earth. You can dive in the South China Sea, the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean, or submerge in the area where these waters mix to form the epicenter of biodiversity – The Coral Triangle. Wreck diving on historic shipwrecks, wall diving on offshore pinnacles from a liveaboard or shore diving on a house reef are all possibilities when diving in Asia. The diving choices are as vast and exciting as the countries in this region.

Where to dive

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  • Bangladesh
  • Brunei

    Brunei is increasingly well known for its fabulous wreck diving. Warm tropical waters delight divers of all levels. As do unpolluted oceans & uncrowded beaches.

  • Cambodia

    Cambodia’s tropical waters are teeming with marine life and colorful reefs. Some of the most unexpected diving in Southeast Asia can be found in Cambodia, with its stretch of coastline and small isla…

  • China

    An abundance of marine life, warm waters, and wonderful coral gardens, often surrounded by staggering natural scenery, make China a fantastically unique place to dive.

  • The Christmas Island

    Uncrowded dive sites full of an astounding array of biodiversity bewitch divers who enjoy 40 meter visibility, walls that drop into infinity, a WWII wreck and incredibly colorful coral reefs.

  • East Timor

    Diving in East Timor is brilliant. You’ll have great visibility for the plentiful encounters with whales and dolphins. Primary dive locations are Dili & Atauro Island.

  • India

    India, incredibly unique, has countless opportunities for exploration. Scuba dive in blue lagoons, trek through steamy jungles or hustle through a bustling city - all in the span of a single day.

  • Indonesia

    With a quarter of the planet’s fish species and 15% of its coral, abundant Indonesia is a must for any passionate diver.

  • Japan

    A country brimming with history, Japan offers unique scuba diving in a serene setting. Trek from the mountains to massive cities to the endless ocean, all in a single day.

  • Kazakhstan
  • Laos
  • Malaysia

    Malaysia offers world-class diving at places like Sipadan Island and is also ideal for new divers with its easy diving and healthy reefs at islands off the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia.

  • Mongolia
  • Myanmar (Burma)

    Only open to tourism since 1997, Myanmar offers a glimpse into unspoilt reefs and undiscovered territory. Big fish sightings and rare macro life reward divers who venture into this remote destination.

  • North Korea
  • Pakistan
  • The Philippines

    With 7,107 islands, the Philippines offers opportunities for every level. Advanced divers can enjoy deep wrecks, while beginners will appreciate easy beach entries. 1,200 macro and pelagic species aw…

  • Singapore

    Get some certifications in Singapore, an island country to the south of Malaysia. Affordable diving packages makes Singapore an attractive investment.

  • South Korea

    South Korea has great seasonal diving that’s not to be missed, with warm waters from the South China Sea in summer and colder currents in winter combining to make for some unique dive experiences.

  • Sri Lanka

    Sri Lanka, the pearl of the Indian Ocean, offers a myriad of diving adventures, from vibrant coral reefs teeming with tropical fish, to countless sunken wrecks waiting to be explored.

  • Thailand

    Thailand has many superb diving destinations from which to choose. All come with beautiful beaches, swaying palms and clear warm water rich with a plethora of marine life that includes manta rays and…

  • Vietnam

    Vietnam makes for an unusual dive destination but its popularity is slowly growing with hidden gems like Con Dao and Phu Quoc as well as new divers playground Nha Trang.


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