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Diving in Bulgaria

When to go

Rain and temperature

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Water temperature

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What to see

GMT +2 (October to March)
GMT +3 (April to September)
Diving season:
March to October
Water temperature:
Winter 10C (50F)
Summer 23c (74F)
Air temperature:
Winter 6C (42F)
Summer 29C (84F)


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Bulgaria is located in Southeastern Europe, borders five countries, which are Romania to the north, Serbia and Macedonia to the west, Greece and Turkey to the south. To the east, Bulgaria borders the Black Sea. The capital being Sofia, which has a population of 1.1 million. In 2007, Bulgaria joined the EU.

The diving in Bulgaria is done on the Black Sea and one of the more interesting dives is the Underwater Stone Forest.

Getting there

  • Underwater Stone Forest near Sozopol - In the strait between the northern part of Sozopol and the "St. Ivan" Island, at a depth between 18-20 metres, sinister stoney branches loom before the you, with a diameter of 4 - 5 metres. There are hundreds of them and which give you a feeling of being in an apocalyptic ancient wood.
  • Roman Port City near Varna - one of the truly interesting dives is the ancient Roman port city submerged in 12m of water some 40 km north of Varna. The dive site is surrounded by an amazing archeological site on land where ancient Roman tombs were found and dug out decades ago. It is believed that the treasure of Alexander the Great is buried in the vicinity.
  • German Black Sea Fleet at Varna Bay - the wreck of the WWII German Black Sea Fleet. With the sinking of 101 ships and boats along with four Russian submarines. Due to a large mixture of fresh water and salt water, there is not a large amount of marine life.


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