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Diving in Campania

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USD 851Per person for 7 nights for 2 divers

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Campania is an administrative region in southern Italy. The region has a long coast along Mediterranean Sea on its west. The region also has the small islands of Phlegraean and Capri included as parts of its territory. Campania’s scenic beauty and beautiful coast makes it an important tourist destination. The coastal area is adorned with beautiful beaches. These beaches and resorts are excellent water sports locations. There are numerous opportunities for divers to quench their thirst. The underwater landscape in this area does not only have marine life and landscape but also portions of ancient civilizations, swallowed by water. Baiae Archaeological Park is one such place where divers can get a chance to see the ruins of submerged city of Baiae. Diving experience in these waters is unmatchable. Another such location is underwater city of Gaiola, near the Gulf of Naples. These ruins take you thousands of years back. Then is the coast of Palinuro which is an excellent location for those divers who are interested in natural formation. Divers can witness unending series of underwater caves and colorful marine life living in thm.
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