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Diving in Chad

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Chad is a landlocked nation in Central Africa. It is circumscribed by Libya toward the north, Sudan toward the east, the Central African Republic toward the south, Cameroon and Nigeria toward the southwest and Niger toward the west. Starting in the seventh thousand years BC, human populaces moved into the Chadian bowl in awesome numbers. Before the end of the first thousand years BC, a progression of states and realms rose and fell in Chad's Sahelian strip, every centered around controlling the trans-Saharan exchange courses that went through the locale. France vanquished the domain by 1920 and consolidated it as a component of French Equatorial Africa. In 1960, Chad got freedom under the administration of Tombalbaye. Disdain towards his strategies in the Muslim north built up and finally finished in the ejection of a durable common war in 1965. Chad does not have any established diving center or professional diving instructors which operate in the area. The reason for this is current geo-political situation that has been unstable for past two decades. However; locals can be approached via forums to know more about the diving sites.
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