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Diving in Costa Blanca (Valencia)

Cradling Valencia in the crook of its curve, Costa Blanca is a popular place to head beneath the waves, enjoying the spectacular sights beneath the Mediterranean.

Diving in Costa Blanca (Valencia)

Quick facts

Diving is hugely developed along the Costa Blanca, and there are dive shops dotting the entire coastline. This vast stretch holds countless dive sites.

Shipwrecks scatter the Murcia area, and caves are common near Alicante. Because of the diverse array of caverns in the region, this makes for a stellar spot to get your more advanced certifications. Just a heads up, spots on the dive boats fill up quickly in the summertime, its best to book in advance to secure your seat.

Adrenaline pumping drift dives can be accomplished in Calpe and Moraira, and fantastic creatures teem on the incredible rock formations adorning the deep.

When to go

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What to see

Mediterranean marine life abounds off Costa Blanca. Besides the many octopi, eels, and various fish species, there are interesting sponges and crustaceans hidden beneath the water. Larger species like dolphins and whales are common in deeper water, and may accompany you on your boat ride out to your dive site.

At incredible depths, some of the most bizzare creatures of the sea can be discovered. Phosphorescent jellies and dark dwelling fish are seemingly just out of sight.


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Spain’s “White Coast” runs from Dénia to Pilar de Horadada, encompassing over 120 miles (200 kilometers) of Mediterranean coastline. Costa Blanca is driven by tourism, and is a popular destination for those seeking a seaside retreat.

Beautiful Valencia is Spain’s third largest city, the home to millions of people. The port here is one of the busiest in all of Europe, bringing a constant supply of industry to the area.

People have made the most of this advantageous area since Valencia was founded in 138 BC. The changing times have been captured in the architecture that adorns the city streets, and in the deep, rich culture that immerses the region.

Other attractions

Because of its role in ancient history, Valencia has hundreds of sites to explore, dating from antiquity to modern times. Important museums are well worth your time, where you can see famous works of art in a stunning environment. There are plenty of accommodations and conveniences that are offered to visitors, as Valencia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Spain.

Getting there

Spain’s public transportation is highly advanced, and there are more than one option to get to any one place in the area. Renting a small car can also be beneficial during your trip.


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