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Diving in the Dodecanese Islands

Thrust out from Greece into the Aegean Sea, the twelve Dodecanese Islands are a must see for scuba divers, where clear water and prevalent marine life are the norm.

Diving in the Dodecanese Islands

Quick facts

One of the most spectacular dives on the Dodecanese Islands is the Cave of Seal. Found off of Rhodes Island, divers enter the cave to discover families of seals greet and interact with you.

There are many dive shops on the developed islands, especially on the most populated island of Rhodes. Many sites on the island are good for beginners and training, but are still well worth a visit. There are wrecks, too. The Plimmiri is found in shallow water, and is a superb spot to get your wreck diving certification.

Kos Island also has some interesting sites to see, with incredible rock formations and plenty of Mediterranean creatures to discover.

When to go

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What to see

The Aegean Sea is home to Of course, you get to swim with seals in the Cave of Seal, but there are not many large pelagics here because of its relative isolation. You may, though, see dolphins or sharks in deep water.

Eels, groupers, and blennies can be spotted in the rocky reefs, as well as their echinoderm counterparts: starfish, urchins, and sea cucumbers.


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Saturated with a rich, fascinating history, the Dodecanese Islands are made up of twelve large islands and 150 smaller isles. Castles and cathedrals are scattered across the landscapes, telling the tales of eons past. Some structures are dated back to ancient times and others are from when the Byzantine, Ottoman, and Roman Empires tightened their grasp over the islands.

The most famed island of the group is Rhodes, which has played a hugely significant part in Greece’s history. Rhodes has been the central control point for the entire region for millennia.

Other attractions

Be sure to adventure out and explore all of the ancient structures and ruins that can be found on the islands. There are castles from medieval times that are just down the road from buildings boasting modern architecture. History buffs, head to the WWII cemetery where you can learn about the island’s role in this infamous war.

Getting there

Taking a ferry is the most scenic and memorable way to get to the islands. Once you’ve arrived, there are smaller boats that can help you island hop. Chartering a boat is a romantic option that opens up new exciting possibilities.


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