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Diving in Equatorial Guinea

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USD 1,930Per trip
USD 2,468Per trip
USD 2,650Per trip

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The country is organized in central West Africa bordering the Bight of Biafra amidst Cameroon and Gabon; it confers ocean edges to Nigeria and Sã Tomã and Prã­ncipe. Focal Guinea is made out of five had islands notwithstanding Rã­o Muni on the African domain. It is one of the tiniest countries on the African territory, with a locale of 28,000 sq km its barely more diminutive than Belgium or to some degree smaller than the U.S. state of Maryland. Its capital city Malabo is orchestrated on the island of Bioko. Talked tongues are Spanish (official), French, Portuguese and close-by Niger Congo vernaculars. It is the primary free state with Spanish as a common language.
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