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Diving in Famagusta

The ancient city of Famagusta will draw you in with its fantastic cathedrals and the clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea, ideal for your next scuba diving adventure.

Diving in Famagusta

Quick facts

Scuba diving off the coast of Famagusta gives you the opportunity to take a trip through history. The water here is warm and crystal clear, with seemingly endless visibility. The otherworldly blue hue of the water permeates everything, permeating the environment with vibrancy.

Go to Green Bay to see ancient Greek statues and pottery from an age long ago. You can feed the fish here, so huge schools come to greet you, flitting past you, just out of reach.

Don’t miss out on the wreck dives, many of which were sunk especially for divers. The Nissia and Zenobia are hugely popular sites, well worth a trip.

The Cape Greko region is your best place to find cavern diving near Famagusta, the shallow caves found just offshore. The infamous Cyclop’s Cave is an amazing place to get your cavern diving certification. You can reach this dive from the beach, running across sea turtles, octopi, and eels on the way.

When to go

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What to see

The Mediterranean waters make a home for a fascinating array of creatures. There are massive groupers, deep within the shadows. In the rocky reefs you can find interesting macro marine life. Sponges of all sorts and reef fish are common sights on almost any dive.

Down near the wrecks larger fish often hide. Jacks and rays can be spotted during a dive at depth. Sometimes, huge schools of tuna can make appearances, putting on a reflective light show.


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Pressed into the eastern coast of Cyprus, Famagusta rests on the shoreline of the Mediterranean, boasting the deepest harbor on the island.

Back in medieval times, Famagusta was the most important and influential port city between Europe and the merchants of the Silk Road, a connection between two worlds. Today Famagusta is still a key player in the region’s mercantilism, and tourism is becoming huge in the city.

In addition to the handsome white sand beaches and ancient castles and churches, one of Famagusta’s main draws is the walled city. The ancient fortifications link back to times long ago, giving your experience in the city a full circle effect.

Other attractions

All around you are ancient ruins from Roman times, don’t miss out on all the rich history and culture in the region. Head to Salamis and the Famagusta Walled City, two of the very best destinations in Famagusta. Wild donkeys live at the Dipkarpaz Milli Parki, so grab your camera and head out for a relaxing day trip.

Getting there

Now that you’ve made it to Cyprus you’ll need to get around. Renting a car is the most common way to get to Famagusta and the surrounding area, and though there is public transportation it is limited.


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