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Diving in Finland

Diving in Finland

Quick facts

Imagine the archetypical diver’s shipwreck. She’s a fine big, graceful, three-masted square-rigger, well preserved, easy to get to and lies entirely within recreational dive limits. Imagine no more, and instead head to Finland, Mariehamn, Åland, where you’ll find the Plus, consistently ranked a top 10 Scandinavian wreck. Plus dates from 1885 and is 90 metres/295 feet long. She went down close to shore in 1933 and lies close to the harbor, bow down, in 18–35 metres/60–115 feet of water. Her hull and deck are intact, and the masts lie nearby on the bottom. Plus is a massive wreck with the potential for multiple widely different dives, and the best part is she’s just one of myriad outstanding wrecks in the region.

When to go

Rain and temperature

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Water temperature

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What to see

Finnish and a small amount of Swedish
GMT +2
Cold temperate
Diving season:
12 months, ice diving in winter
Water temperature:
Winter 4C (39F)
Summer 18C (64F)
Air temperature:
Winter -5C (22F)
Summer 18C (64F)


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Finland, is a Nordic country situated in Northern Europe, which borders Sweden to the west, Russia to the east, and Norway to the north, while Estonia lies to its south across the Gulf of Finland. The capital city is Helsinki.

Finland, a country of forests and lakes, is perhaps best known for its unspoilt natural beauty. In the far north, the White Nights, during which the sun does not set, lasts for around 10 weeks of the summer. In winter the same area goes through nearly eight weeks of near darkness when the sun never rises above the horizon.

The diving in Finland is predominantly wreck diving and due to the low salinity in the Baltic, the wrecks are in very good condition, even the wooden boats.

Getting there

  • Kronprins Gustav Adolf, a Swedish man-o-war that sank in battle against Russia in 1788. Discovered by the Finnish navy in 1995 and now made to an underwater museum for scuba divers, with info plates underwater. Buy a ticket to dive the site and get a plastic map!
  • Hindenburg wreck was a German icebreaker built in 1915, with a length of 51 metres. In 1918 she hit a mine and sank off Åland. Discovered in 1995 and well preserved at a depth of 37-47 metres. Diving excursions are arranged from Mariehamn on Åland.
  • Plus. An iron-hulled 3-masted barque built in 1885, sank in 1933. The barque is 90 metres long and at a depth of 33 metres lying off Mariehamn, Åland. The large wreck is very well preserved with the Hull and deck in good condition. The masts have been sawn off so they won't protrude to the surface, and are laying on the bottom by the side of the hull.
  • Nederland was a Dutch river barge, lost in 1917 on her way to the Russian grand duchy with a load of street bricks. The wreck is 35 metres long and 8 metres in width. She now rests on the sunken rock at Marhällan at a depth of 20-24 metres. The visibility varies from 5-15 metres. It is a dive well worth doing.


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