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Diving in Ghana

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Ghana in the West Africa is a country that is one of Africa’s most wealthy and well governed countries. Ghana is located along the Gulf of Guinea and Atlantic Ocean and is neighbored by Ivory Coast to the west, Burkina Faso north and Togo to the east. Ghana has 560 miles long coastline along the Atlantic Ocean and has a vast area composed of forests, mountains, nature reserves and woodlands. The diving scene in Ghana is not healthy enough to be compared with other well-known dive spots. There is only one diving lodge in the entire Ghana. Kedas Lodge, at Miemia beach is Ghana’s only diving resort. While the temperatures in waters off Ghanaian coast are a comfortable 24 to 28° Celsius, the visibility is a poor 4 to 7 meters which is not good enough for divers to enjoy. There are also very few coral reefs, but the area plays host to a large number of Sting rays who visit for mating. Other fish species that can be found in the waters off the Ghanaian coast are huge snapper, barracuda, tunas and sharks (blue, hammer head, bull and thresher sharks).
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