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Diving in Gibraltar

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Gibraltar Pound
GMT +1
Diving season:
Year round
Water temperature:
Winter 14C (57F) - Summer 22C (72F)
Air temperature:
Winter 14C (57F) - Summer 24C (76F)


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Gibraltar is a British overseas territory which shares a border with Spain to the north. Gibraltar has historically been an important base for the British Armed Forces primarily because of it's location at the gateway to the Mediterranean and is also a Royal Navy base. Gibraltar is known as "The Rock" because of the small mountain that is Gibraltar and it is also famous for the apes that inhabit it.

Gibraltar is only a small area so the amount of diving is limited, but there is some wreck diving with 2 old paddle steamers, the SS Rosslyn and the SS Excellent.

A number of ships have been deliberately sunk off the coast, to form an artificial reef, known as the Camp Bay Conservation Project and includes a cable layer sunk alongside a barge, at approximately 15m in depth.

Getting there

  • The SS Rosslyn - at a depth of 23m and is easily reached with a short boat ride. The 3,600 ton steamer sank in 1916, and now rests 10m proud of the bed, with a slight list to starboard.
  • The SS Excellent - sank in 1888 off the detached mole, at the Northern end of the West Coast. It was a 1,000 ton steamer, and its position, resting in two pieces on the sea bed makes it a safe and easy dive.


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