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Dig your toes into the white sand beaches of Grand Cayman as you gear up for some of the best diving of your life. From coral reefs to ship wrecks, you’ll never want to leave the deep.

Diving in Grand Cayman

Quick facts

Prepare yourself for endlessly clear water and bright, sunny skies. The Divemasters are as warm and accommodating, as the Caribbean Sea, and are ready and willing to take you on spectacular dives.

Don’t miss out on Grand Cayman’s most famous dive, Stingray City. Here, throngs of stingrays congregate, hoping for a quick meal. These rays are so used to people that you can literally pick them up and kiss them on the lips.

After philandering with the rays, dive at Babylon, an impressive site with a diverse assortment of sights to behold. The most remarkable is the domineering pinnacle, swarmed by fish.

Dive shops can be found all over the perimeter of the island, so try your hand at a few to check out the best dive sites around.

When to go

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USD 1,840Per person for 7 nights for 2 divers
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USD 2,895Per trip

What to see

Because of the incredible variety of underwater habitats to be found around the islands, there is a surprising amount of biodiversity to be found in the crystal clear waters. Carousing alongside huge brain corals and sea fans are countless colorful creatures like angelfish and octopi. There are many species of rays to be found in these waters, so keep an eye out for Electric rays, Yellow rays, and the massive Southern rays. Green sea turtles are popular attractions, as well, casually gliding through the blue.


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The largest of the three islands that make up the Cayman Islands, Grand Cayman is found off the southern coast of Cuba. The islands are a territory of the United Kingdom, and there is no record that any indigenous people lived on the islands. However, pirates, refugees, and political defectors made this island their home since the 17th century.

A popular vacation destination for decades, much of the islands economy is based on tourism and offshore banking. Today, Grand Cayman is vibrant and bustling, and the standard of living on the islands is the highest in the Caribbean.

Other attractions

After an invigorating dive spend some time touring the beaches and majestic blowholes scattered along the shoreline. Inland, don’t miss the unique local art at Davinoff’s Concrete Sculpture Garden.

Getting there

Flights arrive non-stop onto Grand Cayman from destinations around the world. Unfortunately, there is no ferry service between the islands.


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