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Diving in Guyana

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Guyana is an English speaking Caribbean country in northern South America. Its neighbors are Venezuela, Brazil and Suriname. It’s a beautiful country with an amazing landscape. Guyana is known for its beautiful sandy beaches and several other landmarks that attract tourists. However, despite its tropical waters and a string of picturesque beaches, unfortunately, Guyana is not a great scuba diving destination. As rivers run into the coast of Guyana all along the length, so the water become murky and not fit for diving. Unfortunately, divers from Guyana will have to head to other places for a diving excursion. There are luckily many beautiful destinations in Caribbean Sea, just a small distance away from Guyana. Divers could also choose to head to neighboring Venezuela, that has several quality dive sites along its 2500 kilometers long coast. Los Roques Marine Park is one such diver’s paradise. You could find sharks and turtles here in abundance. Trinidad and Tobago is also not very far away and it has some amazing dive sites heaving with sharks, rays and turtles. All the best dive sites in Guyana are within one hour’s flight time from Guyana which will spoil you for choice.
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