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Diving in Indonesia

With a quarter of the planet’s fish species and 15% of its coral, abundant Indonesia is a must for any passionate diver.

Diving in Indonesia

Quick facts

Indonesia is an epicenter of biodiversity, hosting a greater variety of marine life than anywhere else on earth. With over 17,508 islands and situated in the heart of the coral triangle, Indonesia is a diver’s paradise. From tiny pygmy seahorses and macro critters to magnificent manta rays and the mighty Mola, there's plenty to see. Enjoy exhilarating drift and reef diving, fantastic night diving, unique muck diving and breathtaking steep walls. Tec divers probe the deep trenches and wreck divers love the many World War II relics. Indonesia caters for all budgets and holiday tastes with possibilities as diverse and abundant as the marine life.

Recommended training

With many dive sites ideal for beginners, Indonesia is a great destination to learn to dive with the PADI Open Water Diver course. If you are already PADI certified, look to take the PADI Enriched Air, PADI Deep Diver and PADI Drift Diver courses so you’re prepared for the variety of dive sites and conditions on offer. Or become a PADI Pro by taking the PADI Divemaster or PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor course.

When to go

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Where to dive

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  • Bali

    Known as the 'Island of the Gods', Bali’s diverse reefs, rich culture and stunning scenery will leave you spellbound. For manta rays, seasonal Mola and drift dives head over to Nusa Penida. Tulamben …

  • Batam
  • Central Sulawesi

    Featuring calm waters, crystal clear visibility and a variety of dive environments, Central Sulawesi is a paradise found for underwater lovers. Endemic species abound in this biodiversity hotspot.

  • Flores

    From the swift currents and manta rays of Komodo National Park to the crazy critters in Maumere Bay, Flores is one of the best diving destinations in Indonesia.

  • Jakarta
  • Java

    The hugely popular Indonesian island of Java is a land of misty mountainsides and towering temples. Scuba diving here is a joy, where crystal clear waters await.

  • Komodo

    The land of the dragons promises adventure and excitement. Whether you decide on a shore based stay or a liveaboard, you’ll be blown away by the scenery and the dive sites. The sheer abundance of mar…

  • Lombok

    The island of Lombok has everything from a towering volcano to picture-perfect white sand beaches. Underwater there are pretty coral gardens and staggering pinnacles that attract seasonal hammerheads…

  • North Sulawesi

    North Sulawesi is home to the weird and wonderful critters of the Lembeh Strait, beautiful walls in Bunaken and the live volcanoes of the Sangihe Archipelago.

  • Raja Ampat

    If you want to experience remote and pristine reefs, then Raja Ampat is a must. Hundreds of tiny islands and pinnacles breach the surface of the aquamarine waters which are home to everything from py…

  • Southeast Sulawesi

    For those willing to journey off Indonesia’s beaten path, Southeast Sulawesi provides some of the world's most colorful diving, complete with many pristine and uncrowded dive sites.

  • Sumatra

    Volcanoes, rainforests and beautiful coral reefs, Sumatra has something for every kind of adventure seeker.

  • Surabaya
  • Bunaken & Siladen

    Bunaken’s colossal walls, clear blue water and diverse marine life will impress the most seasoned of divers. Turtles, reef sharks and eagle rays are a highlight and the wealth of macro life is equall…

  • Jakarta
  • Lembeh

    Known as the “Critter Capital of the World”, the Lembeh Strait is home to an abundance of unique and rare marine life which thrive on its black sand muck diving slopes. Lembeh is an underwater playgr…

  • Menjangan Island
  • Nusa Penida
  • Pulau Bawah
  • Sumbawa
  • We Island
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What to see

With thousands of unique dive spots across Indonesia, you can find many magnificent sea creatures during a vacation to this tropical paradise. Divers often see angelfish, surgeons, lionfish, and trumpetfish, as well as barracudas and sharks of many kinds - including black tip, white tip, and potentially even a tiger shark.

Sea turtles, snakes, octopus and manta rays are other frequently encountered inhabitants of these dive spots - and the luckiest visitors may even swim with dolphins, orcas, or the world's largest mammal - the great blue whale. Whether you do one dive or 100, scuba diving the oceans of Indonesia will prove to be a memorable experience.


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Consisting of thousands of islands, Indonesia is rich with tropical oceans, delicious fruits, and impressive volcanoes. Even with the nation’s large population, there are many opportunities to escape the crowds by visiting the country’s outer islands, rainforests, and beaches.  

Over the millennia, Indonesia has been controlled by many world superpowers – including the Dutch, French, British, and Portuguese. Since the end of World War II, Indonesia has remained a free nation with a constitutional government.
Because of this diverse history, Indonesia has a unique blend of island culture, making it a unique experience for any world traveler. If you enjoy meeting new people, you will undoubtedly find the locals to be as beautiful as the oceans.

Other attractions

Indonesia offers as many adventures above sea as it does under the water. For the adventurous, try trekking through the Mayong Village's beautiful farmland, admire the Borobudur temple ruins, or hike around Ijen Crater. Meanwhile, those looking to relax in the sun may enjoy the many island-hopping boat tours, all-inclusive resorts, and secluded white sand beaches. When ready to spend time indoors, visit the local theaters, metropolitan shopping centers, and boutique art shops found throughout many of the islands. If at all possible, enjoy a show at the Bali Theater - an activity consistently ranked as one of the top 10 things to do in Indonesia.

Getting there

With over 250 airports, 20 of which are international, flying to and around Indonesia can be done with relative ease. While Soekarno–Hatta International Airport (CGK) is the primary airport in the capital city of Jakarta, Juanda International Airport (SUB) and Ngurah Rai International Airport (DPS) are the second and third most trafficked international airports.

Once in the country, AirAsia, Kal Star Aviation and Lion Air provide low-cost routes throughout the many Indonesia islands. When planning your trip from any Western nation, remember to get your passport and visa ahead of time.


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