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Diving in the Ionian Islands

The seven Ionian Islands each offer their own wealth of antique cities with stunning architecture, relaxing landscapes, and scuba dives to accomplish.

Diving in the Ionian Islands

Quick facts

With so many islands to choose from, you’ll be hard pressed to make it to every one of them. Some of the best sites can be found on Corfu, Lefkada, and Zakynthos. Many of these waters are protected by a marine park, providing a safe and productive place for sea life to thrive.

Corfu has a great wreck to see. The HMS Regulus was sunk in 1945, and boasts a huge anchor where marine life often congregates. Another stellar wreck is off of Kefalonia, one of the most popular in all of the Ionian. The HMS Perseus is a submarine, now transformed into an artificial reef. You are likely to run across larger creatures during your trek here.

Don’t think that only the large islands offer great diving, though: Kastos, Atokos, and Arkoudi are hugely accommodating to divers.

When to go

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What to see

With strikingly dramatic underwater topography, you can often see tremendous grouper and sea bass as well as fast moving jacks and wrasse, octopus and scorpion fish. On the sea floor, strange invertebrates make appearances.
Sponges make ideal homes for crustaceans like shrimp and crabs, whose day to day activities are entrancing to behold.
Look closely to rock formations where you can often see nudibranchs of varying sizes and vibrant colours.
Look out from the caverns to admire a deep Mediterranean blue like no other.


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Off Greece’s coast you can find the Ionian Islands, a set of seven isles resting easily in the Ionian Sea. Six of the islands are found relatively close together, all grouped together on Greece’s western shoreline. Down south, a single island lies between the tip of the Grecian peninsula and the large island of Crete.

Greek settlers have lived on these islands since ancient times. They were, however, a world apart from the heavily political society of the time, and remained a peaceful and idyllic retreat. The islands were highly affected by the conquests of the Roman and Napoleonic Empires, often becoming a buffer zone between the sea and the mainland.

Today, the islands still form a sort of buffer zone. Tourism has taken off, and many visitors stop by one of the islands on their way into the country.

Other attractions

Be sure to stop into the island of Kerkyra, where some of the region’s most profound diversity can be encountered. There are castles, ruins, and a phenomenal harbor to explore. Check to see what festivals are going on during your stay! Climb up to one of the tallest points in the city of Zakynthos to look out over the city, sea, and rolling island landscape beyond.

Getting there

After getting to the mainland of Greece, you can either fly or take the ferry to the Ionian Islands. While on the islands be sure to take advantage of the public transportation that is available.


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