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Diving in Kvarner Bay

Home to some of Croatia’s most desirable islands, Kvarner Bay’s clear, warm waters are ideal for diving, the rich Adriatic a treasure to be uncovered.

Diving in Kvarner Bay

Quick facts

Kvarner Bay is an excellent outlet into the Adriatic Sea, gorgeous blue and crystal clear. The rocky coastline drops down to form fascinating formations, and shipwrecks lie quietly at the bottom of the gulf.

Several favorite shipwrecks are the Lina, an Italian Merchant Ship, the TA 36, a destroyer, and the Peltastis, a Greek cargo ship. Technical divers will feel right at home, here. The ships scattered throughout this region all have fascinating stories to tell, so delve deep into the history to get the fullest experience.

Dive sites are scattered all along the coastline and out around the islands in the bay. Plic Tenki is a favorite site, a tremendous wall dive that also boasts some impressive rock pinnacles. The wall itself is home to an abundance of fish and gorgonians, and you’ll want to come back to explore again and again.

When to go

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What to see

In shallower reefs and near gorgonians you can find all types of small marine life like seahorses and small octopi. Lobsters peer out from outcroppings and scorpion fish hide themselves on the textured rocks.

Shipwrecks make excellent homes for conger eels and sole, and large schools of tuna make frequent appearances.


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Found in the northern Adriatic, Kvarner Bay holds within it a wealth of Croatian islands, both large and small. Also known as the Kvarner Gulf, this bright blue body of water draws people from around the world to explore the wonders hidden within.

People have been drawn to this region throughout history. Kvarner is much deeper than the surrounding seas, giving easy access to even the innermost reaches of the bay. The narrow channels between the islands maintain their depth, giving ships a safe berth for travel.

Many of Croatia’s largest islands are tucked into this bay, some of the most prominent being Krk, Cres, and Pag. These mild, favorable destinations have become popular with visitors from around the world.

Other attractions

The many islands of Kvarner Bay each have fascinating destinations to explore. Krk Island is home to several beautiful old cities, especially Vrbnik. The beaches here are incredible, especially in the Baska region. Cres’s Mali Bok makes for a stellar day trip. Rijeka in the far north of the bay, is awash with gorgeous architecture. The Trsat Castle is not to be missed!

Getting there

Take a bus or rent a car to get to the shore of Kvarner Bay. The large cities of Rijeka and Pula are great jumping off points to the many islands within the bay. Ferry from one to the other, it’s inexpensive and exciting!


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