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Diving in Kyrenia

Crystal blue waters astound visitors to Kyrenia, the center of activity on Cyprus’s northern shoreline. You can expect to encounter mild weather and ancient castles during your trip to Kyrenia.

Diving in Kyrenia

Quick facts

Step into the warm, bright blue waters of the Mediterranean. The comfortable weather is seemingly constant, and the winters here are much milder than surrounding areas.

Kyrenia is the gateway to scuba diving on the northern coast of Cyprus. There are several dive centers in the city, taking you out to unforgettable dives.

Some of the most popular dives in the region are known as “The Power Station” and ”Fred,” named in honor of the man that found it. The reefs here are home to turtles, octopi, and interesting reef fish. Check out the caves that are not too far from the Power Station!

The fascinating plane wreck dive is not to be missed. Found not too far from the beach, this WW2 bomber rests beneath the waves. Spend some time looking into the cockpit at the fascinating new residents within.

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What to see

There is a surprising diversity of marine life in these gorgeous blue waters. Lobsters hunker down in their small caves, and massive schools of mackerel swirl overhead. Keep an eye out for giant groupers and amberjacks, who make frequent appearances. The unexpected parrotfish will show its face as well, chomping on the abundant corals.

Look closely, and you might see spotted nudibranchs on rocky formations throughout the region.


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Found on the northern coast of Cyprus, the city of Kyrenia boasts a historic castle and harbor, and is the largest city in Northern Cyprus.

The isle of Cyprus is tucked near Turkey and Syria, and is one of the largest and most populated islands in the Mediterranean. Inhabited for eons, Cyprus has been the host of millennia of human activity, evidence of which is scattered throughout both the land and sea.

Tourism is hugely popular in Kyrenia, and the beaches in the region are often bustling with visitors. A recent economic boom brought new construction and prosperity to the city, making visiting even more enriching.

Other attractions

Undoubtedly, Kyrenia has plenty of ancient castle and structures to see during your time on Cyprus. The S. Hilarian Castle is one of the most popular places to check out, but don’t stop there! The Kyrenia and Buffavento Castles are also well worth a visit. Tired of walking? Take a load off at Alagadi Turtle Beach, where the golden sands make for a superb place to rest.

Getting there

After arriving in Northern Cyprus, you can either rent a car to get to Kyrenia or take a taxi. Public transportation is quite lacking in the region, and getting around can be hugely inconvenient.


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