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La Digue’s sandy beaches touch the brilliant blue of the Indian Ocean, within which waits pristine dives and warm, clear water teeming with marine life.

Diving in La Digue

Quick facts

The gorgeous tropical weather on the Seychelles allows diving on La Digue at any time throughout the year. Some of the best places to dive are just off shore.

Anse Severe and Domaine L’Orangeraie are great places to shore dive, Anse Severe being one of the most popular beaches on the island.

White Bank is the best place to check out the endemic marine life. Here you will see all kinds of reef fish from snappers to unicornfish. You may even come across a shark or two during your swim. Ave Maria is an incredible collection of boulders that you can swim through, and the drop-offs they create are exhilarating to gaze down.

There are several smaller offshore islands that are worth a gander, especilally Felcite and Coco islands.

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What to see

The many massive boulders that dot La Digue’s shoreline make for ideal places for marine life to make a home. You can see your favorite Indian Ocean species like rays and nudibranchs as well as colorful reef fish. Napoleon wrasse are a particular favorite, with their bright color variations and probing personalities.

Sharks and dolphins are common, and whale sharks even cruise through when the season is right.


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A pinprick amongst the many Seychelles islands, La Digue is one of the largest and most populated islands in the archipelago. Found far off the coast of eastern Africa, the Seychelles are hidden gems in the Indian Ocean.

La Digue has only been populated since the late 1700’s, when the French arrived. The name of some of the settlers still remain on the island to this very day.

Today, La Digue is a melting pot of cultures. The mix of cuisines and mindsets gives the Seychelles a unique atmosphere. The warm, equatorial climate has been a major draw for centuries, and tourism is the island’s main industry. The unparalleled beaches are scattered with visitors throughout the year.

Other attractions

Fantastic beaches surround you, so spend some time sunbathing and enjoying the vista. The rock formations on Coco Island are some of the most exquisite around. Sailing offers a new and exciting perspective of the island, so try to get out in a boat or two during your journey. Inland, the Veuve Nature Reserve offers abundant greenery and marine life. Try the unique bat curry, a specialty of the island.

Getting there

Ferries run from La Digue to Praslin several times a day. You can also charter a boat for added convenience. Renting a bike is a great option during your time on the island.


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