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Diving in Mauritania

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USD 1,930Per trip
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USD 2,650Per trip

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Mauritania is a country in Maghreb region of northwest Africa that has Morocco as its neighbor in the north, Algeria and Mali to the east and Senegal on the south. Mauritania has an area of10, 30,700 square kilometers, which is roughly three times the size of US state of Arizona. It has 350 miles of coastline along the Atlantic Ocean. Mauritania’s terrain is predominantly desert, except the highly fertile Senegal River valley to the south and grazing lands to the north of the country. Mauritania has a rich history and was inhabited by Berbers and Arabs. It subsequently went under French control and was a part of French West Africa in 1920. Mauritania gained independence from France in 1961. Country’s name is loaned from the ancient Berber Kingdom of Mauritania. Like many other Northwestern African countries, diving enjoys little or no state patronage in Mauritania as well. There are hardly any established diving sites in the country. Water temperatures fall to a chilling 20 degrees Celsius between February and May but rise to 28 degrees by August. Mauritania has seen political upheaval and unrest since the 2008 military coup and caution is advised before planning a diving trip to the country.
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