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Diving in Monaco

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Monaco is a city state / microstate located in French Riviera (Western Europe). Monaco is surrounded by France on three sides and Mediterranean Sea on the fourth. It is both World’s second smallest sovereign country and the most densely populated country. Despite being an independent state, Monaco’s defense is interestingly France’s responsibility. The country is famous for its casinos and stunningly beautiful coastal area. Its pristine beaches and blue waters are a favorite holiday spot for holidaymakers around the world, especially the rich and famous. Monaco’s Mediterranean climate is excellent for diving throughout the year. It has warm summers and mild rainy winters. The waters around Monaco are abounding with diverse marine life. The common species found in Monaco’s waters are angler fish, scorpion fish, moray eels and nudibranchs. The underwater terrain is beautiful with colorful fish species, reefs and caves that are a joy to explore. There are a number of diving centers in Monaco which also rent diving equipment and arrange boat dives off the coast as well.
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