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New Jersey in an unexpected place to get your scuba diving fix where you can come across historically rich shipwrecks and dazzling underwater formations.

Diving in New Jersey

Quick facts

It is estimated that there are over 5,000 shipwrecks of New Jersey’s coast, from vessels that are hundreds of years old to more modern wrecks.

Wreck Valley, which runs between New York’s Long Island and New Jersey holds hundreds of shipwrecks in a 60 mile (96 kilometer) swathe. The USN Algol fought in WWII and the Korean War, and was sunk intentionally for divers. It is a beauty to behold, nearly completely encrusted by a thick armor of scallops and mussels.

Don’t think that New Jersey’s dive sites are found only in the sea, there are a couple of inland, freshwater sites that are worth a gander. At the Delaware River Water Gap you can check out train wreckage, including a boxcar full of (empty) beer bottles.

Recommended training

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What to see

In the inland lakes and reservoirs you can come across sunfish and freshwater snails, but the real variety is found out in the Atlantic. Remember to take a closer look, many species are small in these waters. Little eels, starfish, and even lobsters cling to rocky reefs.

Larger creatures are certainly not uncommon, however. Occasionally humpback and finback whales meander through these waters, as well as a couple of species of dolphins. Keep an eye out from the boat for their iconic spouts!


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Found in the northeastern United States, New Jersey is the most densely populated state of the fifty. History runs deep, here, and this area has played a huge role in the nation’s cultural diversity.

Native people lived on these lands before European settlers arrived, but were decimated because of war and disease. The colonial era was a time of huge progress for the settlers, and soon a new nation was born.

New Jersey is a diverse region due to the high rate of immigration, leading to a fantastic blend of cultures and cuisines. You are likely to feel as if you’ve travelled around to world during a trip to one of the bigger cities.

Other attractions

Ocean City and the Jersey Shore are two of the top destinations in the state. The party scene is full blast here, so if you’re looking for a more laid back retreat, Head to Cape May where calming sunsets cap off your day. Newark and Jersey City are constantly on the go, and boast plenty of museums and city lights to take in.

Getting there

Go for a bus or taxi, without a doubt your best bet in the cities, you will probably be better off renting a car during your trips to regions that are a little farther out.


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