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Diving in Niger

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Niger, in West Africa's Sahara region, is four-fifths the size of Alaska. It is surrounded by Mali, Algeria, Libya, Chad, Nigeria, Benin, and Burkina Faso. The Niger River in the southwest flows through the country's only fertile area. Elsewhere the land is semiarid. The land is mostly desert plains and dunes, with rolling savanna in the southeast. Niger's subtropical climate is mainly very hot and dry, with much desert area. In the extreme south there is a tropical climate on the edges of the Niger River basin. The terrain is predominantly desert plains and sand dunes, with flat to rolling savanna in the south and hills in the north. Diving is a thrilling experience everyone should get an opportunity to enjoy! For some, diving is a recreational attraction for others it is an attractive means of lively hood especially commercial divers who sometimes earn as much as $1000 (US) per day in the North Sea. For some Nigerian commercial divers it might be different story. This is not the case in South Africa. Commercial divers are the gems of the maritime industry in South-Africa. Divers are employed for offshore mining of diamonds and some engage in Abalone farming. They exist in a world with rules that protect them such as the Mining Health and Safety Act (MHSA), the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) and Disability act that guarantees a channel for complaint, safety for divers and compensation for injuries. Check out Dive with Niger was by far the best check out dive I've done. As we jumped in from the jetty at Paradise 1 we almost landed on a large turtle and beneath the jetty was a meter long giant barracuda. You do the usual skills tests, clear mask, retrieve reg, bouyancy control etc We were told that the check out dive would be 20mins but Niger decided that he'd treat us to an extended dive so we got to see the sunken boats and the house structure of P1 along with the resident Giant Cuttlefish and the other creatures. Loads to see around the artificial reefs of P1 but the sand bottom is very fine so if you're unlucky enough to have a bit of current or be following a group of less experienced divers the viz soon diminishes.


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