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Diving in the North Aegean

Dispersed through the Aegean Sea, the islands that make up the North Aegean region of Greece are as lovely as they are ancient. Scuba dive in the clear water or hike the comfortable hillsides.

Diving in the North Aegean

Quick facts

Though there are only nine islands in the North Aegean they are widely dispersed; you will probably have to pick and choose between them, which is heartbreaking.

One place you should definitely go is Chios, one of the top rated diving areas in all of Greece. You can tour shipwrecks, peruse underwater caverns, and swim alongside tremendous sea walls. The most widely acclaimed site on the island is the Great Wall, where you can get a sort of sampler platter of the area: Besides the massive wall, there are shipwrecks, and a medley of colorful creatures and vibrant corals.

Lesvos has abundant scuba diving potential, and is just beginning to tap it. Dive shops on the island are sparsely located, though there is convenient diving available right off shore.

Technical divers will rejoice in the amount of wrecks to be explored, which are scattered throughout the entire Aegean Sea.

When to go

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What to see

You are certain to see vibrant wrasses, perches, and flickering tunnies. If you’re a sport fisherman you are certainly in luck. Besides the tunnies you can come across huge tuna and even swordfish. Larger marine life idles by on occasion, and you may just get lucky enough to see a sperm whale during your trek out to your dive site.

Keep an eye out in shallow reef areas, you may run into turtles if the season is right.


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An island region of Greece, the North Aegean is scattered out into the northeastern Aegean Sea. Many of the islands are tucked closely against Turkey, relatively far from the mainland of Greece.

The largest island of the group of nine is Lesvos, where the region’s capital, Mytilene, is held. Lesvos has been a major player in the Aegean throughout antiquity. Scattered with ancient Roman aqueducts and stone monasteries, this island is draped in history.

All of the islands boast their fair share of ancient ruins, which effortlessly intermingles with the modern revelations of our time.

Other attractions

A crowd pleasing island is Chios, where Christopher Columbus is said to have once called home. Want a little privacy? Go to Limnos, where you can have pristine beaches all to yourself. Ikaria has stellar host springs where you can rest your weary feet.

Getting there

Fly or ferry to individual islands, or charter a boat for the ultimate excursion. On the larger islands like Chios and Lesvos public transportation is available and efficient.


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