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Diving in Paraguay

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Paraguay is a landlocked country in central South America. It has an area roughly the size of California. Paraguay’s naeighbors are Brazil, Bolivia and Argentina. The eastern part of Paraguay is most populous. It is mostly a grassy slope which descends all the way to Paraguay River. Chaco region in the west is largely covered with marshes, forests and thick jungles. The landscape of Paraguay is very unique and different than rest of the continent. This wilderness is a favorite with adventurists. There are many breathtakingly beautiful spots to explore in Paraguay. Capital city Asuncion has well maintained wildlife reserves. Guided walks and sightseeing tours through these areas are very interesting. The stunningly beautiful waterfalls in Ciudad del Este are a sight, to die for. They are 204 miles east of the Capital Asuncion. The spectacular Monday Falls and Iguazu Falls (located at Triple Frontera, a point where Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay meet) are the best in the area. Another very interesting activity is the Cruise of the Paraguay River. The Rio Paraguay can be toured through the Pantanal wetlands and a diverse and beautiful wildlife can be seen all along. It is also a good opportunity to learn about the history of this land and see various small towns and national parks along the shores. Tourists can also go and fish in Villa Florida, a city along the Tebicuary River with excellent angling opportunities.
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