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Diving in Senegal

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USD 1,930Per trip
USD 2,468Per trip
USD 2,650Per trip

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Waters off the shores of Dakar, offer some of the most delightful diving experiences to the enthusiasts across the world. Dakar’s ragged terrain, diverse fish life coupled with a large number of shipwrecks make the experience very gratifying. The fact that not many divers get to visit Senegal, appeals to the select few who get an opportunity. The calm and quite atmosphere means that there is practically nothing between a diver and the treasures underwater. Dakar offers a whole array of diving experiences for both experienced and novice divers, including shore dives, shoal dives and wreck dives. Senegal’s waters are a hotbed of unique marine activity which is spiced by the presence of dolphins, sharks and stingrays, especially close to Cape Vert peninsula. The water temperature is best during the period between June and December (25 to 29° C). The fish life is extremely diverse and houses colorful tropical fish like such as parrotfish and butterfly fish. The island of Goree is a major hub of diving activities around Dakar. It is one of the only two inhabited islands that surround the city of Dakar. The island alone has more than 30 dive sites off its shore. Most of these can be reached via boat within 15 minutes. Once down to 10-30 meters, a diver is exposed to a diverse marine life and beyond 30 meters several shipwrecks can be seen. The area presents a beautiful mélange of nature and history to the lucky divers.
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