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Diving in South Sudan

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South Sudan lies in an equatorial region where the temperatures remain tropical throughout the year. Just around 2nm west of Dahret Ghab a round reef which begins from 2m under the surface has a considerable measure of shocks, at the south point the reef slants tenderly to around 30m shaping a little sandy territory then seats move down to the mid 20m imprint and structures a little level that is for all intents and purposes secured with beautiful delicate corals which has a wealth of reef fish, just of the level a school of dark balance barracudas gives a decent show, nonetheless, 12 infant smooth sharks just shy of 1m every stayed at the diving deck, one will strange run snorkeling with these infants, an experience past depictions, you will be continually pondering where on earth are the folks!? This is a little habili, a tad greater than the little habili at st johns, a beautiful reef which when there are ebbs and flows hosts shores of the yellow band fusiliers which thus pulls in the titan trevally and the fishes to devour this glorious lure ball, the regular dark reef and white tip reef sharks are around with the easygoing locating of the scalloped mallet heads. The submerged landscape is awesome with a beautiful cavern at the 35m imprint, a huge room with enough encompassing light and no spot without direct visual contact with the giant tunas. sh and the giant dog tooth tunas come herding their youngsters, not forgetting the weary garden eels and the small white tip reef sharks, at the drop off when the current permits one will often be rewarded with the super stars, schooling scalloped hammer heads and the odd grey reef shark! Pinnacle: This is a very small habili, just a bit bigger than the small habili at st johns, a very pretty reef which when there are currents hosts shoals of the yellow band fusiliers which in turn attracts the giant trevally and the tunas to feast on this wonderful bait ball, the usual grey reef and white tip reef sharks are around with the casual sighting of the scalloped hammer heads. The underwater scenery is great with a very pretty cave at the 35m mark, a large room with enough ambient light and no place without direct visual contact with the entrance...
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