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Diving in St. George`s

On the gorgeous island of Grenada you will find St. George’s, the colorful capital city. Spend some time scuba diving and prowling the sandy beaches during your stay in this effortless environment.

Diving in St. George`s

Quick facts

One of the biggest draws to Grenada’s waters are the abundance of excellent wreck dives found deep within. Some of the very best are the MV Veronica, the MV Shakem, and the Bianca C. The massive Bianca C, locally referred to as the “Titanic of the Caribbean,” is particularly popular with advanced and technical divers.

Want to see the reefs? Grenada’s Marine Protected Area is the best place to see fantastic marine life, from tiny seahorses to huge grouper. The sites “Flamingo Bay” and “Happy Valley” are easy, shallow dives that reward divers with healthy coral and plentiful creature sightings.

The most unique dive site off of St. George’s is undoubtedly the Underwater Sculpture Park, created by the sculptor Jason de Caires Taylor. The sculptures depict Grenada’s culture, beautiful human forms now encrusted by the sea. Bring your camera, you are definitely going to want a picture of this!

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USD 2,172Per person for 7 nights for 2 divers

What to see

Diversity is plentiful in the waters off of Saint George’s. You can expect to see octopi, snapper, and colorful sponges during a dive on the reefs. Camouflaged creatures hide from sight and pufferfish idle near coral heads.

Eagle rays are common in grassy areas, and barracuda are frequently spotted near wrecks. In deeper water you have a chance of running across a shark or even a dolphin.


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Surrounded by an ancient volcanic crater, St. George’s rests easily on a horseshoe harbor, a tropical respite in the endless blue of the Caribbean.

Originally founded by the French, St. George’s began as a small settlement. Unfortunately, St. George’s was a stronghold against the native population, a culture nearly wiped out during the 1600’s. As time went on, the settlement grew, surviving setbacks like a massive fire in 1775 which nearly destroyed it. Independence was achieved in 1974, but was diminished by an invasion by the United States in 1983.

More recently, Hurricane Ivan battered its way through, crippling the entire island of Granada. International aid has given Grenada another chance, and both tourism and the economy continue to rise.

Other attractions

One of the most relaxing and rewarding adventures you can accomplish in Saint George’s is to go on a sightseeing tour via boat. Birdwatchers will be astounded at the abundance of birds on the shoreline and in the dense foliage. History buffs can get their fix at Fort George, where ancient cannons peer out over the idyllic landscape.

Getting there

After flying onto the island your best course of action is renting a car if you want to get around easily. While there is public transportation on the island it is limited. Rent a bike if you plan on sticking around one area for a longer period of time.


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