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Diving in Suriname

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Suriname is a country located along the northeastern Atlantic coast of South America. Its neighbors are French Guiana (east), Guyana (west) and Brazil (south). Although, Suriname is the smallest country in South America, it has plenty to offer in terms of tourist attractions. The country is blessed with rainforest, mountains, pristine tropical beaches and beautiful colonial era towns. All this can be found in one small place. The diving industry in Surname is yet undeveloped. The coast of this country has a very large turtle population. These coastal areas are definitely worth a dive but since there are no registered dive sites in the country, divers from Suriname will have to head to other places in the region. Unfortunately, none of the immediate neighbors, barring Brazil have a good diving scene. It would be highly recommended that you travel to Venezuela, where you will find lots of great diving locations. Los Roques is one of the best such sites in Venezuela. It has a protected marine area along with several islands, islets and cays which together present so many opportunities to divers. There are reef and wrecks sites all along the mainland coastal area of Venezuela. Another option is Trinidad and Tobago, where you could find a host of quality sites including world’s largest brain coral.
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