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Diving in Swaziland

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Swaziland is one of Africa’s smallest countries. Located in southern Africa, Swaziland is only 120 miles from north to south and 81 miles east to west. It is bordered by South Africa on North South and West and Mozambique on the east. It is the only remaining absolute monarchy in the continent of Africa. Despite its small size, Swaziland has a diverse and beautiful landscape with mountains, savannas and rainforest in northwest. The Highveld area of the country is cool and mountainous and lowveld is dry and hot. There are several wildlife reserves in the country, which make it an interesting place to visit. Swazi people are known for their warmth and laidback nature which helps tourists feel welcome and safe in the country. This combined with stunning natural sceneries, are a sight for the sore eyes. Swaziland has a very rich culture, which is engrained in tradition. The annual festival of Incwala is the most popular event of the year and is celebrated as King’s tasting of the harvest. Swaziland’s capital is Mbabane and it is located in Highveld. The granite mountain of Sibebe just outside the capital is a popular hiking spot. There are several caves, waterfalls and swimming holes on this site and can be enjoyed during hiking. In the eastern part of Swaziland, Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary and Hlane Royal National Park are great wildlife reserves. The most popular and enjoyable way of exploring these wildlife havens is Horse Safari.


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