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Diving in Sweden

Scuba diving in Sweden will undoubtedly surprise you with its incredibly variety and abundance of color.

Diving in Sweden

Quick facts

A short drive north of Malmö, Sweden (or Copenhagen, Denmark), you’ll find a priceless Swedish jewel. It’s a long granite peninsula pointing northwest into the Kattegatt, and crowning this peninsula is the Kullenberg Nature Reserve, an area very highly regarded by local divers. The reserve features rocky, rugged, wooded coastline and steep ravines. The waters off the rocky shore support abundant marine life: Salmon and cod prowl the open sea, and lobsters lurk under nearly every ledge – they are big and bold, thriving in the protected marine sanctuary. As if that wasn’t enough, the peninsula’s orientation means that it’s almost always possible to find a sheltered dive site and you have the real possibility of having the place to yourself. Be ready to make a day of it and hike with your gear to one of the many small jetties or ladders that make entry and exit hassle free. (Or sign up with a local dive shop and save the effort.) Depths vary from 10–30 metres/30–100 feet and visibility is often good, especially when there’s less plankton in the cooler months.

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What to see

With so much water everywhere, it’s no wonder that Sweden has a wide variety of marine life. The Atlantic holds such creatures as the deep-water dwelling anglerfish and hagfish. Massive schools of flickering herring are often seen, a massive food source for many creatures that reside within these seas.

The endangered Basking sharks filter feed plankton from the fertile waters, and is a fascinating creature to behold. Basking sharks hold the title of the largest fish in these cold northern waters.


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Far, far north in Europe you will find Sweden, hugging closely to Norway in Scandinavia. Next door is Finland, attached just by the tail.

One of the largest countries in Europe, Sweden is as diverse as it is attractive. Forests and lakes dominate the landscapes, with gorgeous snow covered mountains, beyond.

People have inhabited these lands since 12,000 BC, prehistoric people who hunted reindeer and fished in the prolific waters. As time progressed onward, the people did as well, making tools and growing stronger.

From these resilient people were born the Vikings, who dominated these lands for more than 3 centuries. Skilled in war, they were a force to be reckoned with.

Today, Sweden is a prosperous country, though there have been hiccups along the way. The 1990’s brought a recession, and there have been disagreements over the immigrant influx over recent years.

Other attractions

Go on into Stockholm, a large city with plenty to see. There is an Old Town here with endless charm, and museums that are sure to blow you away. Outside the cities you can ski, kayak, and hike to your heart’s content. Also, don’t miss out on a bit of island hopping, making an appearance at the otherworldly island of Ven, near Landskrona.

Getting there

Once you’ve flown in, there are plenty of ways to get around. Take taxis or busses within the cities, then rent a car or take the train while travelling through the countryside.


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