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Diving in Turkey

Dive throughout modern and ancient Turkey, where fantastic wrecks lie submerged and incredible creatures swim through clear seas. Head to Turkey’s protected marine areas and experience stunning diving conditions.

Diving in Turkey

Quick facts

Kaş is the diving capital of Turkey. It is one of the top 100 dive sites of the world because of its abundance of marine life and ancient relics. There are over 30 dive sites, all within a 20 minute boat ride from the dock. You can wreck dive, cave dive, and explore deep canyons.

Sometimes, there are even underwater art exhibitions held here, so keep in touch with the locals to find out more information. Be sure to bring your camera, you are certain to run into some incredible sights, and probably even some sea turtles!

Head to Bodrum, too, where you can do some interesting wreck diving. There is a massive aircraft carrier to explore, as well as several other boats. A fairly intact propeller plane is also yours to explore. Old cars, beaten by time and water damage, are like skeletons of their former selves.

While in Turkey don’t miss out on the Three Islands, where there is plenty of marine life to discover.

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USD 962Per person for 7 nights for 2 divers
USD 625Per person for 7 nights for 2 divers
USD 1,087Per trip
USD 894Per trip

What to see

There are wonderful protected marine areas where wildlife is abundant. Sea turtles are plentiful here, and Iztuzu beach is one of the most important breeding grounds for loggerheads. In rocky crevices you can find octopi, eels and lobsters. Rays glide above the sea floor, and a variety of fascinating fish flit through the water. On your boat ride you may even get the joy of seeing flying fish as they jump from the sea. New species are also coming in from the Red Sea, making Turkey a diverse destination for marine life lovers.


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Prominently seated in Eurasia, Turkey is an effortless blend of two worlds. Inhabited for eons, evidence of the past is scattered throughout the country. The region has changed hands plenty of times, and was once part of the Ottoman Empire. Since then, the Republic of Turkey was established, starting a whole new era. Today, modern Turkey is a thriving, 21st century country which retains its rich history and cultural traditions, offering an attractive, 'melting pot'-type experience for visitors.

Other attractions

Turkey’s landscapes beg to be explored. There are white sand beaches and magnificent troglodyte villages to see, as well as vibrant cities to discover. The ancient Hagia Sophia is a masterpiece, and is a must visit while spending time in Istanbul. Travel to the rich marketplaces of Turkey, where you can find fragrant spices and incredible handicrafts. Wonders lie around every corner, so explore as many of the amazing sights as you can during your stay.

Getting there

Turkey is the gateway between Europe and Asia, so there are many, many ways to make your way into and through the country. Fly, take the train, or drive. Large cities have Metros and buses, metered taxis, and Dolmuşes (minibuses). If you want to get farther out, take a Dolmuş or rent a car.


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