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Tauchen in Ayia napa

Ayia Napa offers both beginner and advanced divers stunning dive diversity, with gin-clear water, visibility of up to 40 meters and a superb away of rocky canyons, tunnels and memorable shore dives.

Tauchen in Ayia napa

Quick Facts

If you're looking for a rich variety of diving in waters that are pleasant year-round - with lots of marine life on offer - head to Ayia Napa. Beginner divers can find calm conditions with stunning visibility, while more advanced divers get the caves, canyons and tunnels they're looking for. There are also some great artificial reefs - boats sunken in recent years and now teeming with marine life - to enjoy. The Nemesis Wreck and the Liberty Wreck stand out here, both lying at 25m.

Shore diving is superb around Cape Greco, with many of the most popular dive sites in the area located around the stunning natural reservoir due to its calm, clear waters and lack of dangerous currents and tides. This makes Ayia Napa a superb place to learn to dive, but of course the more advanced sites further out also make it ideal to further your diving experience and take your journey to the next level.




Wann reisen?

The weather and water conditions around Ayia Napa allow year-round diving, making it ideal for those looking for sun, sea and marine life at any time.

Kann bis Oktober

Waters and weather will be warmest during these months, with the warmer water temperatures positively influencing the position of the thermocline and the marine life available to see.

Regen und Temperatur

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Was es zu sehen gibt

Lots to see to satisfy all types of diver. Enjoy moray, groupers, soldier fish, turtles and pipefish, along with beautiful underwater caves featuring octopus, cuttlefish and lobster. A particular highlight during the hotter months are sand urchin and starfish, with small wrasse, bream, rainbow wrasse and maybe even a bullnose ray on offer.


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Ayia Napa is a resort at the far eastern end of the southern coast of Cyprus, with a long and rich history, now a beautiful destination for holidaymakers looking for relaxation, a thriving music scene and a superb marine environment. The area is rich with history, including a medieval monastery and ancient tombs. Outdoor-lovers get to enjoy beautiful coastal paths for walking or cycling.

Andere Sehenswürdigkeiten

If you're looking for rich history, check out the Ayia Napa Medieval Monastery, which is in superb condition for a 700 year old building.

Another great option is the Makronissos Tombs, a well-known archaeological site offering stunning tombs as well as evidence of funeral pyres.

If it's art you're after, head to Ayia Napa Sculpture Park, which features over 140 sculptures from over 100 artists, with many attracting international recognition.

And if you want to stay in the diving 'mindset,' there are two marine museums - the Tornaritis-Pierides Museum of Marine Life and the Thalassa Agia Napa Municipal Museum (also known as the Thalassa Museum of the Sea). You'll enjoy marine fossil and dioramas and a full-scale model of a 2300-year old merchant ship.


Most international travellers will land at Larnaca Airport and then take an approximately 40 minute taxi ride to Ayia Napa. Alternatively you can take an intercity bus, which will drop you in Ayia Napa. Buses will be much cheaper than taxis. Sometimes flights may be cheaper if you fly into Paphos Airport, but this is around two hours from Ayia Napa.


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