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Desert Sea Divers

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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has the longest coastline on the Red Sea - over 79% of the sea's eastern shoreline - and a wealth of diving possibilities. From the Jordanian border on the northern Gulf of Aqaba to the Yemeni border in the far south, there are probably as many reefs in Saudi waters as the rest of the Red Sea combined

Fish distribution is similar to that of the western Red Sea coast, with all the familiar Red Sea reef fishes represented, including grouper, wrasse, parrot fish, surgeons fish, triggerfish, angel, and butterfly fish. There are also considerable numbers of pelagic fish: jacks, tuna, Spanish mackerel, and barracuda are all reported, and many of these species have substantial breeding grounds in Saudi waters. The area also supports several shark species, both reef and openwater, and of course, every diver's dream - whale sharks.

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