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Ronilacki Klub Danubius

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Diving club "Danubius" from Novi Sad, is an association of diving and sea depths lovers. The diving club is a non-partisan, non-governmental and non-profit association of citizens formed back in 1973 in a somewhat unusual way for our circumstances at the time. It was founded by the army and civil protection. All these years, the club has managed to support itself with the help of the city sports administration and sponsorships and donations. However, as time passed and as times changed, so did the ability of the city and people of good will to help our Diving Club. In the middle of the nineties, the situation changed and young people came to the main position in the club, full of enthusiasm and desire to do something for the club in order to survive and become the best club in the region and in the country.
We have accepted a really responsible and very demanding job, so that the Diving Club "Danubius" gathers as many fans of this sport as possible and those who love nature, depth and sea blue. The diving club slowly expanded, so the pool and club premises became part of a gathering of people of all interests, who had one common passion - love for diving and the depths of the sea, that is, a great desire to master this skill.
Throughout the year, we hold regular diving trainings at SPENS sports center Novi Sad pools. With the arrival of the summer season, we move from the pool, to more interesting places, seas and lakes, and the first gatherings of our members in the club premises begin.
During the time we have existed, we have become one of the most respected diving clubs in the region, whose desire is to present diving as a sport and as an activity to the wider population in the best possible way.
The membership we gather in our ranks is really diverse. By age, gender, knowledge in diving, nationality and religion ... which does not bother us to hang out and enjoy everything beautiful that surrounds us ... we all have one thing in common!
Endless love for diving, beautiful underwater world and depths of the sea. That is why the Association of Citizens, Diving Club "DANUBIUS" exists to popularize this sport, enable the improvement and education of diving techniques, organize a stay on the seas and lakes throughout our country and the world under the most favorable conditions.
Our wish is to make this sport available again to as many lovers as possible, to interest as many people as possible and to prove and show that diving is not only a privilege of the wealthy or only a competitive skill, but that the most necessary desire, adventure and love are towards the sea.
Boundless love for diving gave us encouragement and ambition. Our most important goal is to popularize this wonderful sport, popularize diving, conduct and spread the young.
This last and most ambitious project of the Diving Club "DANUBIUS" envisages that in the next long-term period we will include as many children and youth as possible to engage in this sport.

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