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Mexico / Baja California Sur
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Breathless Cabo San Lucas Resort & Spa

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Breathless Cabo San Lucas Resort & Spa

4 star hotel
Paseo de La Marina 4750, El Medano Ejidal, 23453 Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S., Mexico
169 rooms
FREE Internet

Cabo Adventures

PADI 5 star dive center
Offsite (Paid pickup)
Max 8 divers per guide

Package highlights

  • Breathless Cabo San Lucas Resort offers Unlimited-Luxury® and unforgettable ocean views in a pristine marina setting
  • Everything from gourmet dining to top-shelf spirits and 24 hour room service is included in your stay, wristband free
  • Located in one of Mexico's top dive destinations with a 5* PADI dive center just a short drive away, you're well-placed to swim with sea turtles, sharks and mantas
  • Post-dives, Breathless has you covered for nightlife with its DJ pool parties, live music, and sunset soirees on the rooftop
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Enhanced Health Measures

Date of last update:Sep 1, 2021

This information is automatically shown here when we receive it. Please excuse any formatting issues.

From the moment guests begin planning their trip, AMResorts' brand properties make health and hygiene information clear and accessible through websites and social media channels. And even before entering the resort lobby, guests are given an overview of all health and sanitation check-in procedures upon arrival at the resort's gated entrance. Alcohol-based hand sanitizer is offered to all guests at the lobby entrance, and within this area, cleaning with high-quality sanitizers occurs every hour. In addition, Hygiene Registration Stations are established in the lobby area to: Check the temperature of the guests with a thermal scanner or a gun thermometer, both for those who register and for those who return from some activity outside the resort. Review guests' travel records for the past 14 days to avoid travel from high-contagion locations. Allow guests to complete a health declaration form, confirming virus-free wellness. Guide guests with symptoms upon arrival to an isolation area where they can consult with the resort physician. All luggage gondolas are also disinfected before and between uses. At check-in, the receptionist cleans the desk area with a sanitizing formula between guests and before each check-in process and applies a hand sanitizer gel. Each guest will find a door hanger with the Cristal Room verification plate on the handle upon arrival in their room, confirming that the room was cleaned according to the Cristal cleaning process. In addition, all rooms include a pocket sanitizer gel as part of the amenity package. cert-logos-01 An overview is provided with details of all the cleaning and disinfection processes in the rooms, outdoor areas and indoor areas of the resort, by printed means, on tablets in the room and on the TV channel of the resort. resort, which also includes videos of disinfection protocols and hygiene tips. To provide additional sanitation, the TV remote control, in-room tablet, utility kit, and extra blankets and pillows are pre-sanitized and packed in vacuum-sealed containers. There is increased cleaning activity for all areas with high human contact throughout the hours of operation, including public areas that receive thorough hourly cleaning and disinfection throughout the day. Restrooms are cleaned and disinfected before and after operating hours and stored with hand sanitizer gel. Frequent cleaning with disinfectants is done in high-touch areas such as stairs and elevators. Sanitizer gel is available throughout the complex in all common areas, including the exterior elevators, and staff circulate these areas offering sanitizer gel to guests. Pool and beach lounge chairs are placed at an appropriate distance from each other, and pool and beach waiters and butlers offer sanitizing gel to guests before delivering drinks. Cleaning of sports equipment occurs between use and before use by any guest. This includes items such as ping pong tables and equipment, basketballs, volleyballs, tennis rackets, and non-motorized water sports equipment. Sanitizers are used to clean different areas during regularly scheduled cleaning times throughout the day. Additional cleaning and disinfection programs are available to provide deep cleaning of the machines. Fitness trainers wear masks and disinfect all equipment immediately after use. To support immune health, gym guests are offered the option of alkaline water, which helps boost the immune system. Activities that involve physical contact between presenters and guests, such as dance classes, will be replaced by alternative activities that allow for social distancing, and seating at shows will allow for social distancing. Within the spa facilities, sanitizing gel is provided to each guest as they approach reception. All high-touch areas are disinfected regularly throughout the day, and cabinets are disinfected between uses. Bactericidal and fungicidal essential oils are used to spray all areas and also in aromatherapy treatments. Spa areas that involve water, such as hot tubs and hydrotherapy pools, have their water disinfected by maintaining the water chemistry for pH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness and to destroy microorganisms and bacteria. In hydrotherapy areas, the spa staff wear special footwear that is used only in the hydrotherapy area. Spa amenities, such as robes, sandals, combs, as well as nail salon utensils, are disinfected and presented in sealed containers to guests. Disinfectant tablets are used to disinfect pedicure stations, face masks are used by all spa therapists to ensure proper hygiene and safety for guests, and latex-free gloves are used to provide nail services, massages, facials, and other treatments. spa. All bars and restaurants have seating that allows for social distancing with tables and chairs disinfected daily and throughout the service period. Proper hand washing techniques are reviewed with foodservice staff at the beginning of each shift and increased signage is implemented to reinforce those reviews. Guests with groups of more than five people must make reservations with the concierge, in advance so that restaurant tables can be adjusted to allow for social distancing and movement of service personnel. Resort apps alert guests when their table is ready, allowing freedom of movement around the resort while they wait. Hand sanitizer is available at restaurant entrances, on top bars, and in all establishments. Appetizers are presented in individual servings. Menu options are presented on dashboard or tablet QR codes and use of physical menus is limited to those who request it. The tablecloths are changed after each use. After use, the cutlery is cleaned, disinfected and placed in a cover that prevents contact with external surfaces. Bread baskets are no longer used, as the food is presented in individual portions. Cooks and waiters should wear masks when preparing or serving food such as Teppanyaki or sushi in the guest areas. For buffet service, waiters offer masks to guests, food tongs are changed every 20 minutes, and distance barriers are placed. Also, for those guests who prefer it, there are à la carte menu options available in all buffet restaurants. Room service uses covered food plates to ensure hygiene from kitchen to guest room, and all room service servers wear gloves and masks for delivery. Waiters allow guests to set up their own dining area, unless otherwise requested. Prior to departure, guests will receive an express check-out service to reduce in-person time. New staff positions have been created to oversee all health and sanitation policies and activities. Regular wellness training is provided to all staff to ensure they take the right steps for their own health and that of guests. Employees showing symptoms of illness must notify their manager and will be sent home and advised to self-quarantine until they are cleared to return to work. Those who violate this policy are subject to disciplinary action. Other measures include: Office areas and workstations are disinfected every two hours. Engineering teams conduct regular tests of swimming pools and water systems, including constant readings of chlorine levels, PH levels, and water temperature. A specific area has been designated for providers, who should wash their hands and clean their shoes with automatic brushes or special disinfectant mats. Specific staff members receive, disinfect, and organize merchandise in a particular area. Washing protocols have been established to control the temperature and the wash cycle, as well as to address cleaning of contaminated items.
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STANDARD CANCELLATION POLICY: Cancellations received more than 9 days prior to arrival will be entitled to a 95% refund of the total booking value. Cancellations received less than 9 days prior to arrival will not receive a refund.  For bookings made between 23rd December and 31st December, cancellations must be received 52 days prior to arrival. If cancellations are received before this time, a 95% refund will be due. If cancellations are made after this date, no refund will be issued.

SPECIAL CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) TERMS: Guests can change the date of their current 2020 reservation to a later date, up to one year from the original travel date, with no additional charge or cancellation penalty. Additionally, when rebooking for a future travel date, AMResorts® will extend an additional complimentary night for all vacationers. Complimentary Night is an additional night beyond the original length of the reservation. Guests also have the option to move to another AMResorts® property within the same brand in a different destination with no additional charge or cancellation penalty; the additional free night also applies in these cases. If the customer wishes to change brands, they will be responsible for any price increase. Dates closed from December 23 - December 31 The program is no longer available once the Resort officially reopens. “Move the date, Keep the rate” program + a FREE night cannot be combined with any other free night promotion. Guests can choose any other existing promotion or the Change the date program.

Explore diving around the Breathless Cabo San Lucas Resort & Spa

Best dive sites in Baja California Sur

The Socorro Islands, or Revillagigedos Islands, are firmly located in liveaboard territory. These uninhabited volcanic islands provide some seriously adventurous diving. Vast schools of hammerhead sharks congregate here. Giant mantas with “wingspans” of up to 6 metre/20 feet are regularly encountered and Galapagos and whitetip sharks are possibilities on any dive. One particular spot here, Roca Partida, is a seamount reaching to within 3 metres/10 feet of the surface. Its walls plunge nearly straight down to the abyss and it’s a great place for huge tuna, and even humpback whale and whale sharks in season. Pelican Rock, near Cabo San Lucas, has something for divers of all abilities and is readily accessed from town. From a shallow sandy bottom in 5 metres/15 feet, divers can head down the gorgonian encrusted wall and spot myriad parrotfish, angelfish and more on their way. Sharp-eyed divers may find frogfish and lobsters hiding in the crevices and schools of jacks and rays often pass by. Sea lions, whitetip sharks and sometimes manta rays and whale sharks visit Pelican Rock, which hosts a staggering array of marine fauna for a dive site so close to town. Marisla Seamount, or El Bajo, is about 13 kilometres/8 miles northeast of La Paz. Here a series of three underwater peaks rise to within 18 metres/60 feet of the surface. This is a dive for the experienced, but those who make the effort may well be rewarded with the world’s signature schooling hammerhead dive. The hammerheads cruise clockwise around the peaks for as yet unknown reasons. The region also attracts massive schools of amber jack and tuna with occasional whale sharks and manta rays putting in appearances. Los Islotes, lie just off the north tip of Isla Espiritu Santo, close to La Paz, these small islands attract huge schools of sardines, which in turn keep the main attraction, California sea lions, well fed and happy. A colony of more than 200 of these pinnipeds is resident here and the dive is famous for the interaction between the sea lions and the divers who visit them. The sea lions are playful and inquisitive and usually put on a great aquatic ballet. While a playful fin nip is about as exciting as it usually gets, bull sea lions can be protective, and aggressive, during mating season. La Bufadora, on the Pacific coast in the northern reaches of the Baja Peninsula, has been a popular dive site for decades. Dramatic walls, caves and arches are covered with an intense variety of invertebrates making this a paradise for the macro photographer. Nudibranchs, tunicates, sponges, gorgonians and anemones compete for every available space. There’s also a sea lion rookery and a must see blowhole to while away the surface intervals. While shore diving is possible here, the entry is relatively challenging and the better sites are more easily reached by boat. Punta Concepcion, is a short boat ride from Mulegé on the central shore of the Sea of Cortez. The diving here is characterized by boulder-strewn bottoms, which create fissures and crevices that harbor a variety of angel and butterfly fish species and provide a substrate for a diverse array of invertebrates. Moray eels lurk under the rocks and divers occasionally encounter sea lions and larger pelagic species.
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Snorkeling in Baja California Sur

While not as popular as on the Caribbean side of the country, snorkeling is possible in Baja California Sur. Throughout the Sea of Cortez, you’ll find operators willing to take you snorkeling with sea lions. Snorkeling tours are also offered in colorful and fish-filled Santa Maria off the coast of Cabo San Lucas.

Dive Center


  • Scuba diving in the Sea of Cortez is an unforgettable experience featuring amazing sea life, reefs, and sandfalls to explore
  • Dive in Cabo Pulmo National Park with its abundance of marine life, warm waters, and the type of seclusion that only a park can bring
  • Plunge into the heart of the Sea of Cortés to find sea turtles, bull sharks, manta rays, and over 200 species of fish
  • This award-winning team will help you get up close and personal with the most astounding underwater vistas and hidden treasures the region has to offer


SCUBA DIVING IN CABO SAN LUCAS The Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean in the underwater world of Cabo San Lucas and serves a passageway for large and abundant sea life. Come and dive the rocky reef gateway to a drop off 1000´s of feet deep just minutes away by boat. Scuba diving in Cabo San Lucas offers divers of all levels a unique diving experience. Cabo Adventures offers dive packages for people wanting to try scuba diving for the first time up to Divemaster level. With an experienced group of instructors and a local Dive Master on the team operating with arguably the best dive boat in the cape. Cabo Adventures is an obvious choice.
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Languages spoken

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Portuguese

PADI membership level

  • Padi 5 Star Dive Center

Resort Amenities

Sports & Watersports

  • Snorkeling
  • Stand-Up Paddling
  • Fishing
  • Beach Volleyball


  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Amex
  • Cash (Usd)
  • Cash (Local Currency)

Amenities & services

  • Wi-Fi (Free)
  • Air-Conditioning

Food & drink

  • Buffet
  • A La Carte
  • Alcohol
  • Vegetarian Food

Wellness & Relaxation

  • Spa Facility
  • Massage Services
  • Yoga

Resort Description

Breathless Cabo San Lucas Resort is an adults-only hotel on Medano Beach, overlooking the pristine, yacht-filled marina.

Each of the 169 contemporary suites provides a stunning marina or ocean view from the private terrace or balcony. These staggering views continue from the gourmet eateries, two infinity pools, award-winning rooftop lounge and open-air lobby … everywhere you turn is the picture-perfect. 

 Embrace Breathless' Unlimited-Luxury® experience where the best of everything is included, wristband-free. Every premium beverage and cocktail, every gourmet meal, 24-hour room service, all events and entertainment, Wi-Fi and much more are included with your stay. The 5* PADI dive center is just a seven minute drive away, where you can spend your days diving with sea turtles, bull sharks and mantas in the Sea of Cortez.

How to get there


  • The best airport to fly into is Los Cabos International Airport. 
  • From there, catch a taxi to the resort asking for 'Breathless Cabo San Lucas Resort & Spa in the marina of Cabo San Lucas'. 
  • The journey from the resort will last just over 30 minutes by taxi and it is wise to agree the price with your driver before setting off. 
  • Check in time is 3pm. 


  • Check out time is 12pm. 
  • Having checked out, the staff at the front desk will call a taxi to take you back to the airport. It is still advisable to confirm the cost of the ride with the driver before setting off. 


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