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Anchor Diving Systems

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Anchor Diving Systems was set up by Simon Caruana and Tonio Falzon. All of us have been involved in diving for over 10 years. Our common belief in provision of the highest possible level of service to our customers brought us together even if we hail from diverse backgrounds. This and other ideas were merged and the result was Anchor Diving. One aspect about which we are keen upon is that we are not interested in numbers but rather in persons. And we strive to keep on this track with all our customers. We are in a positon to cover all the recreational diving courses offered by PADI and we are one of the few diving centres in Malta to offer IANTD courses, be it recreational courses or technical diving courses.

Malta is blessed with a combination of factors that makes it an ideal place for both inexperienced and experienced divers. Underwater visibility is generally over 30m and the great majority of sites are accessible from the shore. Some of the sites are particularly suitable for divers who may have physical disabilities. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information regarding facilities for disabled divers.

Depths vary from 6m to 30m and deeper. Bottom composition also tends to vary from sandy bottoms, sea grass meadows, rock formations all of which house distinct aquatic life. Wrecks and caverns at different depths make it ideal for anyone who would like to try these particular sections of diving. Not to mention some of the best wall diving can be done around here with sheer drops along the cliffs that extend beyond 40m. In brief, anyone who wishes to extend his/her diving education in any particular specialty may be catered for as these dives are done practically every day. Naturally weather conditions always need to be taken into account. You may wish to have a look at some of the most common sites found across the Maltese Islands.

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