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Vallarta Undersea

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We are a team of professional divers that enjoy subacuatic activities just like you do. We are members of the more recognized SCUBA diving association in the world (PADI). We teach certified diving courses and offer nature tours by boat to interesting areas within BahIa de Banderas where we can observe whales (winter season only), dolphins and turtles. In addition to the best fun for those with hunger of diving and thirst of adventure.

Rebreather diving makes sense. Not only because the gas economy is superior to open circuit but more importantly because the diving experience is of another dimension.

No bubbles and breathing noise mean that the marine life see you as one of their kind. You will experience first-hand how fishes come closer increasing the possibilities for that perfect picture. The superior gas economy of a rebreather will allow you to stay down there as long as the dive tables allow you and you will seldom have to ascent due to lack of breathing gas. Always breathing the optimum ratio of oxygen rich gas means less risk of decompression sickness and less nitrogen loading on your body. You will simply feel even better after the dive!

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Calle Proa Sn Local 24, Edificio Marina, Del Rey, Marina Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco 218354, México

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