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Diving in The Middle East & Red Sea

The Red Sea is simply stunning, with amazing visibility, abundant marine life and beautiful coral formations. The Middle East and especially Oman is growing in popularity as well.

Diving in The Middle East & Red Sea

Quick facts

The Red Sea is one of the most popular dive destinations in the world and rightly so. You'll find some amazing ship wrecks, tons of sharks, healthy corals and tons of colourful fish. Dolphins also abound, and in the rights spots, you are very likely to dive with some Dugongs (Manatee)

Where to dive

  • Egypt

    Famous for iconic ancient Egyptian sites, Egypt excites the imagination like no other destination. Underwater Egypt does not disappoint either with gorgeous reefs, great wrecks and hugely diverse m...

  • Israel

    Lovely Israel is tucked between two seas, the Mediterranean and the Red. Spend some time diving in both, where caverns and coral gardens can be found in abundance.

  • Jordan

    Of Jordan’s 17 miles of coast along the Red Sea, four miles are protected by a marine park. Here you will find over 20 uncrowded dive sites with something for every level of diver to discover.

  • Oman

    Located on the peninsula of the Arabian Sea, Oman is much more than a dry desert country. It offers warm waters, stunning macro life and a mecca for an entire spectrum of divers.

  • Turkey

    Dive in ancient Turkey, where fantastic wrecks lie submerged and incredible creatures swim through clear seas. Head to Turkey’s protected marine areas, the ideal diving destinations.

  • The United Arab Emirates

    Often overlooked as a diving destination, the United Arab Emirates offers incredible wrecks, pristine reefs and an abundance of marine life. Check it out for yourself on a trip to this opulent nation.