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Amr Ali Red Sea Defender

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Join Amr Ali Red Sea Defender Eco-Tourism and Conservation “Voluntourism” Red Sea trips

Amr Ali Red Sea Defender liveaboard conduct Bio-tourism activities and trips in the Red Sea to increase environmental awareness and passion for the environment as a way to propagate the culture of conservation. To you this means you can do all the great diving of the Red Sea but get educated, help and feel like you really achieved something to help towards the furure of this beautifel marine biodiversity.

Recognizing the growing popularity of 'tourism for a cause trips' and the rise of conscientious travelers, the boat presents a unique opportunity to engage the community, and invite people interested in learning about conservation and the environment to join Hurghada Environmental Protection and Conservation Association (HEPCA) on their work and research trips.

Thus a series of expeditions partly based on HEPCA’s past experiences and future targets have been designed, balanced between science, conservation and fun. In an effort to remain a role model in the Red Sea and offer a different approach to tourism operations, HEPCA as always will adhere to the highest environmental standards available in our operations.

The Amr Ali Red Sea Defender will sail the length of the Egyptian Red Sea coastline bringing
together patrolling and mooring system management with scientific research & education. The boat is an invaluable platform to enrich our knowledge of the Red Sea (through research), and to foster true appreciation of marine resources through a hands-on approach to environmental conservation education.

What  you can expect

In continuation of HEPCA’s 25-year legacy of pro-active intervention in the protection and conservation of the Red Sea environment, it has added an impressive new member to its fleet, The R/V Amr Ali Red Sea Defender.

Amr Ali Red Sea Defender is 30 metres in length with a passenger capacity for 18 people plus 10 crew and 2 Guides/Researchers, it’s luxurious in nature without being 'over the top' and offers all the typical amenities aboard a Red Sea liveaboard.

The boat has 9 en-suite cabins, 6 Double Cabins, 2 Suites, 1 Triple Cabin with individual air-conditioning.

A big Lounge and Dining area with TV, (Flat Screen) DVD, Sound system, WIFI Library & board games. Outside Bar, Sundecks, Covered Decks and a big Dive Deck.

A variety of excellent food is available onboard the Amr Ali

International, Italian and local Egyptian delicacies are served on board. Food is served buffet- style in the spacious, air-conditioned Restaurant on the Main Deck. All diets, including Vegetarian and Halal are catered for with prior notice. Main meals consist of breakfast, lunch and dinner with snacks in between. Snacks consist of biscuits and fruit, which together with tea & coffee, drinking water and soft drinks are complimentary and available all day. We do not serve alcohol on board however you are allowed to bring your own and have a drink after a long day diving.

HEPCA is an established NGO (Non Governmental Organisation) actively working towards the protecting and preserving of the natural resources of the Red Sea

Amr Ali Red Sea Defender crew will make your Red Sea trip unforgetable.
HEPCA’s new flagship is a specially modified diving liveaboard vessel that will sail the length of the Egyptian Red Sea coastline bringing together Patrolling and Mooring System Management with Scientific Research & Education, as well as promoting Conservation and Sustainable Tourism Practices.

The boat in conjunction with the recently completed research center in Port Ghaleb, represents a unique opportunity for researchers and scientists from Egypt and all over the World.

The boat and center can host research teams, and are equipped with an extensive variety of specialized field and lab research equipment that can be utilized by any visiting researchers. 

The boat will adopt best industry practices in achieving sustainable and ecological standards in the operation & maintenance of the boat. It will also act as a research vessel hosting researchers and students looking to conduct research in the Red Sea, and thus an R/V (Research Vessel) has been added in its name.

As a leader in the environmental conservation sector in the Red Sea, HEPCA will utilize the boat to operate several new or modified eco-tourism and conservation concepts and trips. By designing tourist trips that aim for conservation or environmental protection and raising awareness as an objective for the activities.

One of the main functions of the boat is an educational platform. Lecture materials and educational tools are available on board to be delivered as a set curriculum for schools or on individual topics. 

Any potential profit generated from HEPCA’s Red Sea Defender Conservation and “Eco-voluntourism” activities will go to support the following:

  • 10% towards Mooring systems installation and management, to protect the coral reefs, by HEPCA’s expert mooring team
  • 10% towards Patrolling the sea to track environmental threats and prosecute environmental infractions that endanger species or the environment with the help of authorities
  • 20% towards Baseline studies and research to properly design and implement resource management measures and gather data regarding conservation statuses
  • 10% towards Management plans and mitigation activities for Dolphin sanctuaries and other habitats or ecosystems
  • 20% towards Educational programs for public and private school children to raise environmentally aware and conscientious children
  • 10% towards Cleanup and environmental awareness campaigns for locals and non-locals to raise awareness on current environmental issues, the importance of our eco system and sustainability
  • 10% Community development programs for locals of the Red Sea and in Egypt in general
  • 10% Lobbying and legal actions for modification of laws and regulations related to environmental protection and conservation

Ports of Departure and How to Get There

Please refer to logistics section of each itinerary to find detailed info on how to get there.

Activities offered

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