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Wall Diving

Diverse marine life, unique dive profiles and scenic vistas make wall diving a favorite for scuba divers and underwater photographers. Wall diving is essentially a dive along a vertical formation of rock, hard corals, ice or other underwater terrain.

Dive Resorts and Liveaboards for Wall Diving

Wall dives to me are a representation of surface life and provide the perfect mental environment to put events and feelings into a wider perspective, and experience them from a privileged position. As I dive walls, I often have epiphanies about what really matters to me, both on land and underwater. From the obvious Beauty not to be overlooked, to the thrill of the unexpected coming from the Blue and the depths of life. Wall diving reminds me that even the most complex situations offer beautiful opportunities, but it is is always up to each of us to find and enjoy them, for our own wellbeing.

Ornella Ditel

PADI Travel Business Development Consultant

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